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08/13/2018 Added "Simple Math Calculator". You can find it in "Math" section
08/12/2018 Fixed BUG with 404 error in "Hash calculator" in cases when string contained slash
08/07/2018 We have removed CORS restrictions from requests to "Hash calculator", "Your IP", "BASE64" encoder/decoder, "JSON encoder/decoder", "URL encode" encoder/decoder, "Html encode" encoder/decoder. It means that from now you can use this services from your Javascript with simple AJAX calls. You can find usage examples into relevant FAQ sections.
08/06/2018 Privacy policy added to meet EU GDPR requirements
08/05/2018 Fixed BUG with "Html encode" encoder

Hash calculator

Here you can find hash calculator for more than 50 popular algorithms:
MD5, CRC32, SHA256, RIPEMD, TIGER, HAVAL, FNV and many other


URL checker

Show raw response of the request to specified URL


Youtube thumbs

Here you can extract pre generated thumbs of youtube video


Browser and IP

Here you can find information about your browser and IP address. Country code, User Agent, Resolution, Window size and many other params.

Your IP Browser info

IPv4/CIDR converter

Here you can convert IPv4/CIDR address to IPs range


IP ranges

Here you can find actual IP ranges based on companies SPF's records

Google IPs Yandex IPs


Here you can minify your HTML, CSS and JS code

HTML CSS Javascript


In this section you can obfuscate your source code



Encode string from and decode string with htmlspecialchars format.

Encode Decode FAQ

Name generator

In this section you can generate boys or girls names.


Password Generator

Here you can find password generator. It provides few types of passwords with different length and complexity.



In this section you can generate sets of random values

Numbers Values Yes/No


Encode string from and decode string to Base64 format.

Encode Decode FAQ


Encode string from and decode string to JSON format.

Encode Decode FAQ


Encode string from and decode string to URLencode format.

Encode Decode FAQ

Text statistics

Here you can get information about text, ex: length, words count, etc



In this section you can combine sets of words to phrases


Text variations

Here you can generate variations of the text using phrases combinations


Unique list

In this section you can filter your list to get only unique items


Reverse list

In this section you can reverse your words list



Current time. 2018 calendar. Actual US holidays.

Time Calendar US Holidays

Simple calculator

Free online calculator. Simple math calculator.


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