FNV164 hash for "ashley" is "65c851e7f7702be7"

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MD2 6303bafbc40d088633a72178b8a2d054
MD4 e55af0a3ef310c484113f32747a80efd
MD5 adff44c5102fca279fce7559abf66fee
SHA1 782f9b10621e362d5bd0def3a279b5e0908c9ebb
SHA224 feeb446959e8fb2f368b8a338e060f00497577fae511faa5227da8c2
SHA256 c64975ba3cf3f9cd58459710b0a42369f34b0759c9967fb5a47eea488e8bea79
SHA384 1f3175221f1829c8a8bf51c038ec73ce7cf38334112b1dfcb4cd18f87ef8127cee6157f29cbffe4e61f3afaf619ee815
SHA512/224 62adbd43a9ec01b22f1dacc1fd929dd1798660192fcc0904f5b82e68
SHA512/256 581a04845d30d15c4d5c94ff30dccff3be056e5eb407fc7466bbf023d19254df
SHA512 9493279ecac0e4f8419d15c4fd09d5ce82000a289433018d295543b6fb80704411ecc31754501c7929d93ee6ef6b59f9c4ec4f7bf3bc7f400edc3047a24932dc
SHA3-224 28f2d617fe76955f667515dfc07690f34b7938bef94da12d4727e859
SHA3-256 4086cc3fae0d49b41692c30dbe11444fd2f22c32048679cc220c253e9dd1b839
SHA3-384 54fdc38f0aa6264d40ec123cc60586aaa3ac4cc0e8b44a4d3ba4194b2d613c25ee62d9c7ed0cc0d717e8325c8de6dea4
SHA3-512 32bdb35553c63c48b4744190909abc01d145fb4bcdd86cb9994a725aeecf31f674d5a336787328e151f9be5d6feedd7f1fe68a07d190d38906708557f7cc32b5
RIPEMD128 07dbb799de202ec5ce11c9bee7ed771f
RIPEMD160 07ca4c728cb20de81cf57ca83d29bf19bdf4f794
RIPEMD256 fe47417183abfe89b4fab9146d142454c0721ef5c8dcbe48098c95a7f3059a4d
RIPEMD320 99981c5987a19990b7b4403730dc2ddf7b49cd4f68798cdae6072a2fd920b3bee117f38b2cc3a6de
WHIRLPOOL 8b49917c3c3dd215b0f080da1a0615344e3d33ac9298c2bf434389d0dd02b1d8445bedc3c6ef9d8998d7372706778bf64df4fd5a812426f7bc884d303bde3b60
TIGER128,3 ec09458ae7009c089e07f0da733557c5
TIGER160,3 ec09458ae7009c089e07f0da733557c5ee344c85
TIGER192,3 ec09458ae7009c089e07f0da733557c5ee344c8557c7b671
TIGER128,4 0176ac11f9dc8e9efaa4bbe07d2ad491
TIGER160,4 0176ac11f9dc8e9efaa4bbe07d2ad491b3854093
TIGER192,4 0176ac11f9dc8e9efaa4bbe07d2ad491b3854093388ba3aa
SNEFRU 8770fbbf470691e2037558bd7f71ba1480d245b910481d79b5eeb0ae99900c53
SNEFRU256 8770fbbf470691e2037558bd7f71ba1480d245b910481d79b5eeb0ae99900c53
GOST dc70b7cd4ff0ecddd708fcda770f9d3d9195e46ca4b91bdcc2b7a59d1e84e02a
GOST-CRYPTO d204e41ab343232f6dfa9edba25a75f3a94c695399ccfb29030660915d45f007
ADLER32 08b20287
CRC32 a90e2c89
CRC32B 42145c91
FNV132 4106e2c7
FNV1A32 fbb0fea7
FNV164 65c851e7f7702be7
FNV1A64 c4d650ecf4b17007
JOAAT 3d4a479b
HAVAL128,3 055e033bbf22e0d9362a5a5b5c12fa79
HAVAL160,3 85477d17c725b7fd9d7720f58e780f5e9bad4a01
HAVAL192,3 68b4f5129c1956ed931c05f1d8296b106fbff684eb5a1442
HAVAL224,3 ae3443c7b25233f261319b0299dd6a381738ebea476ed1ed4a8bfd77
HAVAL256,3 a6adec22aa26e54478b3b24dd8dc652a1b2efed0162afa2f974748d96fbf3ae1
HAVAL128,4 b737d7b8d6cd153002a8784400138033
HAVAL160,4 744d50f4a3dd4ef59b090e8ce47c0542ec051af4
HAVAL192,4 e414f236092b52ab4457703a2a7a103e66e7767961ca26d2
HAVAL224,4 6be3ac4c2f43515ac30f65210f39b67b6c08ae68d2aed27458d51e3d
HAVAL256,4 c61968fb6341a6b2c143b7cf2f1a7c15ab2f81f1b9d63c6f74c231c8545a660b
HAVAL128,5 40855e13a58cf64cdbf77baa17681c4b
HAVAL160,5 8147e3bdca64b3959c81d14703632a74211410b2
HAVAL192,5 6193fccf83d90c20d7fcd6a343675b7b29e5331dd374a52e
HAVAL224,5 bbb70a8fe0fa27c8396e14dd551caae1738d1b085056d708b5f54bf7
HAVAL256,5 3057915be6af5bc60e43245d412827a08933f071781049c8c8866cd8e798ea5c

Usage FAQ

Usage from Address Bar

You can use direct access to this page from your browser address bar. Type string that you need to encode with algorithm according to next schema: https://md5calc.com/hash/<ALGORITHM>/<PHRASE> For example to visit page that contains hash of "hello world" you can just visit url: https://md5calc.com/hash/md5/hello+world The another cool thing is that you can specify "json" or "plain" mode into URL and you will get only HASH in response. Schema of this future: https://md5calc.com/hash/<ALGORITHM>.<OUTPUT:plain|json>/<PHRASE> Example: https://md5calc.com/hash/md5.json/hello+world Will output only: "5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3"

If you have string that contains complicated urlencoded characters you can send it directly via params to avoid processing of our url parser. Use:
str - for string to encode
algo - for algorithm
output - for output type (empty, "json" or "plain")
https://md5calc.com/hash?algo=<ALGORITHM>&str=<PHRASE>&output=<OUTPUT:plain|json> https://md5calc.com/hash?algo=md5&str=hello%0Aworld https://md5calc.com/hash/md5?str=hello%0Aworld

Usage from Javascript

We have removed CORS restriction so you can use direct access to hash calculator in your javascript applications via AJAX.


var toEncode = 'hello world';
var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
xhr.onreadystatechange = function () {
if (xhr.readyState == 4 && xhr.status == 200) {
console.log('JSON of "'+toEncode+'" is "'+JSON.parse(xhr.response)+'"');
xhr.open('GET', 'https://md5calc.com/hash/md5.json/'+encodeURIComponent(toEncode), true);
Will output: JSON of "hello world" is "5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3"

Usage from PHP

You can use direct access to hash in your applications.

PHP Example: <?php
$str = 'hello world';
$url ='https://md5calc.com/hash/md5.plain/'.urlencode($str);
$md5hash = file_get_contents($url);
echo 'Hash of "'.$str.'" is "'.$md5hash.'"';
Will output: Hash of "hello world" is "5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3"

Chains of algorithms

In some cases you can need encode string with two or more algorithms. For these cases we have introduced chains of algorithms. For example if you need to encode string according to this schema md5(sha512(sha1('hello world'))) you can do this by connecting algorithms with a double dash: https://md5calc.com/hash/md5--sha512--sha1/hello+world If you will do this in your address bar you can also use semicolon instead of double dash. https://md5calc.com/hash/md5;sha512;sha1/hello+world Pay attention that semicolon should be encoded in url, so if you use it not in your browser, you should use '%3B' instead https://md5calc.com/hash/md5%3Bsha512%3Bsha1/hello+world Such approach can be also used with "plain" and "json" mode https://md5calc.com/hash/md5--sha512--sha1.plain/hello+world https://md5calc.com/hash/md5;sha512;sha1.json/hello+world

You can also use special chain item "b64d" or "base64decode" to make base64 decode. It can help to hash any of not printable characters. Example: https://md5calc.com/hash/md5.plain/hello+world https://md5calc.com/hash/b64d--md5.plain/aGVsbG8gd29ybGQ= will be the same: 5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3

Carriage Return and Line Feed characters

At present time our text editor doesn't have functionality that can take into account which of those characters you want to keep in string. This problem come from browsers which normalize all of the line endings to "CRLF" ("\r\n") format according to "HTML specification". It means that if you paste from buffer string
"hello\nword" and press "Encode", your browser will convert it to "hello\r\nword" and only after this your browser send FORM to us. As a result we will show you hash of "hello\r\nword" but not "hello\nword"

You can avoid this with encode string to "base64" on your side and use "Chains of algorithms" that described above.

Example 1: Hash from string with only Line Feed (LF) character Text: hello\nworld
Text encoded to BASE64: aGVsbG8Kd29ybGQ=
URL: https://md5calc.com/hash/b64d--md5.plain/aGVsbG8Kd29ybGQ=
RESULT: 9195d0beb2a889e1be05ed6bb1954837

Example 2: Hash from string with Carriage Return (CR) and Line Feed (LF) character. This result you will have if you use editor with CR, LF or CRLF symbols.
Text: hello\r\nworld
Text encoded to BASE64: aGVsbG8NCndvcmxk
URL: https://md5calc.com/hash/b64d--md5.plain/aGVsbG8NCndvcmxk
RESULT: 6a4316b18e6162cf9fcfa435c8eb74c1

How to calculate fnv164 hash in PHP with hash function

Since version 5.1.2 PHP contains function hash() that you can use to get fnv164 hash from strings.

    $str = '¡Hola!';
    $hash = hash('fnv164', $str, false);
    echo '<pre>';
    echo $str.PHP_EOL
         .' &rarr; '.$hash.PHP_EOL
    echo '</pre>';
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