MD5 hash is "1aeb5da90ced0a0612e1a0c71d1cc8b5"

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MD2 4749d37baf499fc22b2969fc047c3e06
MD4 bba54b743ce3f045e3acccd2d6defa66
MD5 1aeb5da90ced0a0612e1a0c71d1cc8b5
SHA1 4b1ea069354c2073a7468237a5945a9a24995270
SHA224 0f5ff333ba427e0d77957e6fe0157dca6d719491bf71603a9de09f3c
SHA256 bc1f243b2895c7c6a7a5508fa9053631ecc4728f45e9679c881664f6ae95e441
SHA384 a432d0e223806dbe99cee07897f50f8db00add35834811a429fc410f6833748159bbbb2f760188097ad1749f20c3e49f
SHA512/224 8d9c8df57330242986f03ec68248f750f72e4ebf7a4fb211d6793ac8
SHA512/256 bf16a1768266c0fea225c262073a0725a820f4eaa98658b0aea46f2c76bb15dd
SHA512 7835537f7f2a03d7846c7088365c86cf9d119591650af7cfe068d569b32ebfd085ccd175893b176cd22980cc31c87b4e475fdd090d67be6bc985aba168ec7a67
SHA3-224 492700947d2ab5222d4c94646b6db45c0b839e24a63a5d23eb1475b2
SHA3-256 cf732c2967d816e25e3d2200f8778b0fc6a1255d7e111930fbd61548a29a84b0
SHA3-384 5494c74571f62147c730a6cdfb5552ecccd47efdecae40a9d24a42c7960885cb92565d239c18b3294f099cd680506af1
SHA3-512 329f1dc082ba255820a681eaacfee0b26b95de56624e03b5bddad5487ae23f1360729e78651a9514887760a9bf413dbaee22da2bd271e6091eb91dbdfbd96e9f
RIPEMD128 6e914b80e60ed2edcbae0779da9157f1
RIPEMD160 daa8745b5bf18b7cf8b986ae62d51263184affc4
RIPEMD256 e843fc1708895b43cd8350485544b53916c38b50918b00258fdee44e27cda23d
RIPEMD320 f39dc37db9fa1549311bdf8e19336a0c27989fb2c03bdedf154b2280c6bda55713a3b3f8b4df8a42
WHIRLPOOL 65c831b5998180929e0706678301ed8e702b67f88cb2429e3aa1fda9f352213176486fec802d88ba7aedbae8451844dd1bcba5e127b301575484f30e989f83c9
TIGER128,3 0e785dad86765abbf23662be4c292896
TIGER160,3 0e785dad86765abbf23662be4c2928963a3bcf8e
TIGER192,3 0e785dad86765abbf23662be4c2928963a3bcf8e10ff633a
TIGER128,4 21f133f5482585a8b29dd8e1339bfd23
TIGER160,4 21f133f5482585a8b29dd8e1339bfd233481a50c
TIGER192,4 21f133f5482585a8b29dd8e1339bfd233481a50c6b44c960
SNEFRU d84210ae2a2ee55f288fce08b353ed7453bfda3d0815973ed64230832c131773
SNEFRU256 d84210ae2a2ee55f288fce08b353ed7453bfda3d0815973ed64230832c131773
GOST f34255779897f300c6de3b8d3cb79d4ce58f29e2af2ef5fd004d2994aa1c386b
GOST-CRYPTO 0650f8887d2650e07cff4b5d65f43018b8fb7d7d7c797279729a8552fcc5556f
ADLER32 cc700bb3
CRC32 e0ee0ce4
CRC32B 9f9d15ad
FNV132 0eee021f
FNV1A32 9b24785b
FNV164 07e7aeaccaa7feff
FNV1A64 5c2124dc40cb5d7b
JOAAT 6b1af564
HAVAL128,3 7f46c9a97436ddd43d4338c5739d3573
HAVAL160,3 4ba780bcb59e9f345539536aa8a67da6e7a63cb4
HAVAL192,3 176079795bf47b902dd77f2efd608903dc0f4ddbea9c74c8
HAVAL224,3 b59b58d04cafc1897a8d78fb4a5bcf5d068574947f9bc6fcfc4560bd
HAVAL256,3 8a375950afc13a592d18cad3fe00f0768a971dba5aff50139315fc7e62adab20
HAVAL128,4 7fc4cf0879483d37ad6e8562759e15e6
HAVAL160,4 86da604a998fbba4c1c1e9a6e8d7971b7c4d854d
HAVAL192,4 c4c591fc04db60a05bf21974c326ad4415f130ac1440175a
HAVAL224,4 d56be5025953d7330741a63ee237357f3890cac51dedf077e61657de
HAVAL256,4 8b3a8ef84a77fa08c6b7d6bd744282f46002f283f7e1b5418e53f61e4378d597
HAVAL128,5 a1620732540290d813f7afbd5bc60887
HAVAL160,5 9b2261f48de9c68e9b90fb3ca16c09c841285fe7
HAVAL192,5 c0723d40f32decf328cfb737764ba10f0934fe357cddbac5
HAVAL224,5 efc68c2df6be145d594676cd02a464a074e9b3b69e4cd368e3ff1283
HAVAL256,5 6d69be8754197d23b0e70792956ce631cca0f4988c45393c75200ff7096dd62d

Usage FAQ

Usage from Address Bar

You can use direct access to this page from your browser address bar. Type string that you need to encode with algorithm according to next schema:<ALGORITHM>/<PHRASE> For example to visit page that contains hash of "hello world" you can just visit url: The another cool thing is that you can specify "json" or "plain" mode into URL and you will get only HASH in response. Schema of this future:<ALGORITHM>.<OUTPUT:plain|json>/<PHRASE> Example: Will output only: "5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3"

Usage from Javascript

We have removed CORS restriction so you can use direct access to hash calculator in your javascript applications via AJAX.


var toEncode = 'hello world';
var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
xhr.onreadystatechange = function () {
  if (xhr.readyState == 4 && xhr.status == 200) {
    console.log('JSON of "'+toEncode+'" is "'+JSON.parse(xhr.response)+'"');
};'GET', ''+encodeURIComponent(toEncode), true);
Will output: JSON of "hello world" is "5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3"

Usage from PHP

You can use direct access to hash in your applications.

PHP Example: <?php
$str = 'hello world';
$url =''.urlencode($str);
$md5hash = file_get_contents($url);
echo 'Hash of "'.$str.'" is "'.$md5hash.'"';
Will output: Hash of "hello world" is "5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3"

How to calculate md5 hash in PHP with hash function

Since version 5.1.2 PHP contains function hash() that you can use to get md5 hash from strings.

    $str = '¡Hola!';
    $hash = hash('md5', $str, false);
    echo '<pre>';
    echo $str.PHP_EOL
         .' &rarr; '.$hash.PHP_EOL
    echo '</pre>';

How to calculate MD5 hash in PHP with md5 function

md5() function - the mot popular way to get md5 hash in PHP

    $str = '¡Hola!';
    $hash = md5($str);
    echo '<pre>';
    echo $str.PHP_EOL
         .' &rarr; '.$hash.PHP_EOL
    echo '</pre>';

How to calculate MD5 hash in JavaScript

The Javascript has not built-in function to calculate MD5 hash, so you need one of the external libraries. For example: emn178/js-md5

<script src=""></script>
    var str = '¡Hola!';
    var hash = md5(str);
    console.log('-> ' + hash);

How to calculate MD5 hash in Java

To calculate MD5 hash in Java use "MessageDigest" class from "" namespace

String str = "¡Hola!"; md ="MD5");
 byte byteData[] = md.digest();
 //convert the byte to hex format
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
for (int i = 0; i < byteData.length; i++) {
    sb.append(Integer.toString((byteData[i] & 0xff) + 0x100, 16).substring(1));
 System.out.println(str + "\n-> " + sb.toString());

How to calculate MD5 hash in C#

The easiest way to get MD5 hash in C# is use "MD5" class from "System.Security.Cryptography" namespace

string str = @"¡Hola!";
using (System.Security.Cryptography.MD5 md5 = System.Security.Cryptography.MD5.Create())
    byte[] inputBytes = new System.Text.UTF8Encoding().GetBytes(str);
    byte[] hashBytes = md5.ComputeHash(inputBytes);
     // Convert the byte array to hexadecimal string
    System.Text.StringBuilder sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder();
    for (int i = 0; i < hashBytes.Length; i++)

How to calculate MD5 hash in Go

To calculate MD5 hash in Go use "md5" package from "crypto" namespace

package main
 import (
 func main() {
    data := []byte("¡Hola!")
    fmt.Printf("%x", md5.Sum(data))
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